Email your Rumors to  - these are only rumors, they may or may not be true, but most are from very reliable sources and unreliable ones.


- A new sign for Longview Police Department Par Office for Beat 40 is going to be installed, the decal on the window door was removed due to politics, but finally the issue has been resolved

- someone told me that people in Tyler are Laughing at Longview right now, because of the confusion of and

-  Mayor is regretting his behavior at the last few televised city council meetings.

-  Rumor has it that Tim Vaughn is building a resume to run in the County Judge's seat, when Judge Stoudt no longer wants to serve.

- The 2015 Mayors race, will be Richard Manley and former Councilman Dr. Andy Mack.

- Jay Dean has ambitions to run for State Representative David Simpson's seat.

- The City Manager will be out of here by the end of the year.